Home Owners Associations

When a developer imposes CC&R's on a property, they can also establish a Home Owners Association.  Associations are not that common around our area and are primarily found where there are common areas that need to be managed.

How do I know if an area has a Home Owners Association?
Feel free to ask us, but in general if an area community has common areas to maintain then it will have an association.  Virtually of the latest large scale developments have Home Owners Associations.

What does the Association do?
Generally the job of the association is to manage the common grounds, and to enforce the CC&R's.

Who participates in running the association?
The larger communities will have  professional management companies.  But even the professionally managed associations have officers who are property owners in the community.  The property owners always have participation in the association.  It is important to note that when a development is new the developer will have control over the association; That control remains until a specified percentage of the development is sold.

How much are the association dues?
I have seen dues ranging from $10 / month to $400 / month.