Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

Usually referred to as "CC&R's"
In most cases when land is subdivided, the Subdivider will impose restrictions on that land by recording a document with the county recorder.  This document imposes requirements, and restrictions regarding what you as the owner can do with the property.

How do I know if an area has CC&R's?
Feel free to ask us.  In general  if you are looking at a planned community then it will most certainly have CC&R's.  Most every subdivision around Wickenburg and the Surrounding towns has CC&R's.  Keep in mind that many areas are not subdivisions, and are not covered by CC&R's.  Also it is important to note that you don't have to have a subdivision to have CC&R's, they could exist on any lot.

Does an area with CC&R's have a home owners association?
No; CC&R's do not always establish a home owners association.  In fact most communities around our area have CC&R's, but do not have a home owners association.  The CC&R's can however establish an association, and when there are common areas to maintain, then an association is generally established to maintain them.

What is typically found in CC&R's around this area?
Most CC&R's around Wickenburg and the surrounding Communities are very basic.  In many cases they are only a few pages long.  They almost always restrict excessive, trash, foul smelling odors, or any other actions that are offensive to your neighbors.  It is also very common for CC&R's to establish the minimum size and number of floors for a new home, and they may also impose restrictions on style and color.  CC&R's will also restrict what you can park on your lot, like the size of RV, and specify if you can keep Horses and other animals.  In recent years CC&R's have become longer, and more restrictive.  The largest and newest developments will be the ones to write a novel for their CC&R's, so be ready for some reading if you are shopping in these areas.

Click here to see an example of a typical Wickenburg area subdivision's CC&R's.